Meet Melissa

As a mom, I'm totally obsessed with the bond between mother and child. We do so much. There's simply NOT ENOUGH documented evidence of our awesomeness. I'll change that. I'm an expert at creating/catching those shots, those moments between you and your loved ones; which in real life happen a hundred times a day, but for some reason, are almost non existent in the photographs.

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About Your Shoot: 

Your time as a family living abroad is, most likely, limited - just like the all these moments that pass by so quickly as our children grow up. My shoots offer a rare opportunity to capture your extraordinary life abroad, as well as the intimate moments and everyday adventures in your family. We start with the quintessential family portrait (often against a stunning desert background). The rest of the shoot is dedicated to fun, and spending time together (as a lady with a camera stalks you!!). Being in nature has an incredible way of bringing out the best in everyone, especially kiddos, who I often hear ask when they can come back because they had so much fun playing with their family.

About Me: 

For my time on this planet, I've lead an enchanted life so far, including playing Division 1 volleyball at the University of Oklahoma (Boomer Sooner!), living abroad in Spain, China, Panama, and the UAE, earning 2 Masters Degrees and starting a little family of my own!

I've been involved in photography since film (I'm the last of a dying breed). My foundations come from years of developing negatives and prints in a real-life dark room. Since those tedious beginnings, I have become a published international photographer, shooting portraits and weddings all over the world (Cape Town, Santorini and Paris to name a few). My images appear in several GCC publications, including Dubai Women's Health And Fitness Magazine. I am also the family photographer for the Royal Family of the UAE, which is both exciting and humbling all at once!