There is only person we call on each year to take our family pictures...and it’s Melissa Crown. Whether our setting is the ocean, desert, or a lush green park, Melissa truly produces remarkable pictures that we will treasure forever.  During our sessions, Melissa creates a playful and relaxed atmosphere that not only captures extraordinary family images, but captures the unique personalities of each family member as well.  The only difficulty we have each year is narrowing the list of pictures she produces for final prints!  Our house is filled with priceless portraits that reflect her incredible talents. We have referred many of our friends to Melissa… not because we have TOLD them about her, but because we have SHOWN our friends the incredible photographs she creates.


We took our time to decide on a photographer for the first photo shoot of our baby girl. Hiring Melissa was the best decision we could make. She manages to be warm yet discreet and highly professional. Her kind demeanor is disarming and she instantly made us feel comfortable. Her emotional intelligence and eye for detail allow her to capture a person’s or a group’s individuality with seeming ease.

Unlike other photographers we researched in the UAE, she is flexible, a joy to deal with and will come to your home or any other venue. Melissa’s beach and desert photography is absolutely stunning and unrivaled. She is now our designated family photographer.


Melissa snaps wonderfull natural photos! More than just a photographer, Melissa blended in with our family and captured such precious moments! Her pictures tell OUR story, which is what makes her as good as she is!


I am just so pleased with the photos. You have a great sense of humour as ome of photos can attest to, and I feel that you captured the real spirit of the day.  I love the arrangements you did with the dress and the shoes and the rings . . . and US too.  I had a big laugh at remembering several of the moments you captured!  Hilarious!  You could read a lot into some of those photos, and MORE may be read into them as years go by. Thank you for these memories!